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Christmas City Studio

Senior Ambassador Program 2022


Thank you for your interest in joining our senior model ambassador team.  As an ambassador for Christmas City Studio you will be a part of a yearlong program packed full of multiple opportunities.  Our program will run from June 2021 through May of 2022.  This yearlong program will offer experiences in multiple aspects of the industry.  You will get to work both sides of the camera as well as experience the operations of a business and how it impacts your community.  We will use your photos from multiple photo shoots and events throughout the year to market our senior portrait sessions.   Most importantly, this program is designed to provide our selected team members with a fun opportunity to explore and grow before pursuing the next chapter of their lives.


Below you will find a detailed breakdown of what is included in your enrollment and what to expect.  Registration fee is $1500 ($700 non refundable deposit, full payment received by June 1st).   You may also upgrade to include a beginner DSLR camera for an additional $500. 

Please understand, due to Covid we may have to make adjustments at times to events that are out of our control. 

Program Overview

Each participant will receive an Ultimate Senior Portrait Session.  An Ultimate Session entitles you to up to 2 hours of a customized photo shoot at a location of your choice.


Each Participant will have an in studio shoot where we will take your formal cap and gown, as well as your formal yearbook headshot. We will also take a more creative, stylistic shot using your cap and gown as well as a headshot that can be used for college applications, resumes, auditions. 


Ambassador business cards will be made for each student to distribute to friends, other seniors and potential clients to promote Christmas City Studio. 


At the completion of the yearlong program you will receive a certificate of completion as well as a recommendation letter to use for any applications.


Each participant’s image will be featured on our ambassador webpage with their personal bio. 


Multiple mini sessions will be held throughout the year at local parks and attractions. Many of these shoots we will also encourage you to take your own photos as well. (Examples of destinations may include Lake Nockamixon, Bushkill Falls, a local fair, a winter snow shoot).

We will offer at least 4 opportunities throughout the year to serve our community. Some of these events may be able to be used to complete your community service hours for your high school (each high school has their own requirements). We may participate with the SPCA, Relay for life, Children’s Home of Easton, local hospitals, parks, Habitat for Humanity, Food drives, Lauren’s hope, Homeless Shelters, Coat/Toy Collections, Holiday events. These will be finalized closer to events, and will depend on current CDC guidelines. 


With multiple relationships with other local businesses we are able to offer a day of career shadowing. You will have a list of local companies for you to choose one that you share an interest in exploring.   We will then schedule you a day to spend learning about the day to day operations of that company. 


Right at your fingertips is the perfect opportunity to explore photography.   We will hold a workshop here at the studio teaching the basics of photography.   You will learn the basics of how to take professional pictures using the right angles, lighting, and posing.   You will then be able to test your skills in the field. We have multiple on location, themed shoots.   You will pick which one interests you most and give it a shot!   (Examples : birds, landscape, architecture, cars, sporting events) 

Just for fun we will host multiple social events throughout the year.   We will start off in the beginning of the season with a “meet the team” event in June.  This will give us an opportunity to learn more about you and you of us, as well as each other.   Other events will follow, such as an Iron Pigs game, axe throwing, a family picnic, drive in movie night, laser tag, or a group suggestion of an activity you would all like to do. 


Most importantly, there will be two destination group photo shoots.   Each shoot will include transportation, makeup, props and costume pieces, food and drinks.  There will be a combination of group, individual and small group shots. These shoots are where it all comes together.  They are days filled with good times, education, modeling, marketing, and photography all in one. This is where you will experience a day in the life of a star. 


Lastly, at the end of the season there will be a grand reveal.  We will host a reception with food and drinks for you, your family and friends, and anyone you think may be interested in joining our team for the following year.  At this event all your images will be revealed for the first time, cropped, retouched and ready for display.  Family and friends will have an opportunity to see what you have done all year, and place their orders.  More details on this event will be determined throughout the program.

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