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Want More From Your Senior Portrait Experience? 

  • Personalize your session during your pre-shoot consultation.

  • Choose your location.

  • Pair with a photographer that fits your style.

  • Post-shoot image editing tailored to your style.

  • Access to a robust selection of unique products.

Great Images Take Preparation

  • Meet with our consultant to review your goals and pair with your photographer.

  • Have your formal studio portraits photographed and meet 1-on-1 with your photographer to plan your on location shoot.

  • Have your on location images photographed.

  • Schedule your image review and order appointment.

Meet The Team



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Ryan has worked for Christmas City

Studio since March of 2016. When he

picked up his first SLR camera 31 years

ago, Ryan became fascinated with the art

of black and white photography.  He spent

the better part of his youth studying the use of

light and shadow in his school career of theater arts,  where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2000 from Centenary College in Hackettstown Pa. Photography remained his dedication throughout his life until 2008 when he decided to chase his dream of making photography into a career. 13 years later, his drive is to use this art to capture memories and moments that can tell a story, express an emotion, and show the individuality that makes us unique. He believes that the Ultimate sessions are an incredible opportunity to collaborate with clients, and share what the student is passionate about. 


 Patrick has a bachelors degree from

     East Stroudsburg University in Digital   Media Technologies with a concentration

in photography and tv/film. He also has

8 years of experience focusing on portrait, real estate, and sport photography.           

Cole's passion for photography and

videography started about seven years

ago when he first truly began to explore

his hometown of Bethlehem, PA. Rich in

history and culture, with a wide range of

natural beauties, to man made structures, it

was the perfect starting canvas to work on his

passion. Cole's obsessions however, does not end  there. He loves to work with his hands whether it's cooking, building, crafting, or drawing- he's rarely sitting in one place.

With over three years of professional photography experience, Aaron still finds a new way to challenge himself with every session.  He pushes himself through his passion for art, film and cats.

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